Still frame from YouTube video recording showing Jim McKinney at the December 5, 2020, Santa Rebellion rally in Lynden, Washington

By Sandy Robson

December 12, 2020

Despite the alarming news being reported recently about the significant rising COVID-19 case numbers and death numbers in our nation, along with the warnings from health experts about the critical stage of the pandemic we are in presently, a potential COVID-19 superspreader event was held last week on December 5 in Lynden, Washington.

The event was the “Santa Rebellion” rally, after which, a lighted Christmas Parade on Front St. in Lynden, followed on that same evening.

Click the graphic to access a PDF copy of The Searchlight Review’s full, December 2019, “A Report on the Reports – Examining public records relating to the Center for Economic and Business Research’s 2014 and 2019 ‘Employment at Cherry Point’ reports”

By Sandy Robson

December 10, 2019

Editor’s note: The Searchlight Review assembled “A Report on the Reports” based primarily on public records related to Western Washington University’s Center for Economic and Business Research’s 2014 and 2019 “Employment at Cherry Point” reports sponsored by the Whatcom Business Alliance. Readers can view a pdf copy of The Searchlight Review’s full report, released on December 10, 2019, here. The Introduction, Executive Summary, and Conclusion sections of Searchlight Review’s report are provided below, along with an interactive slideshow containing screenshots of email records which are included in the report.