The Searchlight Review:

Founded by Sandy Robson, The Searchlight Review is committed to bringing important stories of public interest to light using the digital world to present those stories to an online audience. Content is principally based on material resulting from investigative research and often includes commentary or analysis. 

The Searchlight Review is dedicated to providing readers discerning, reliable coverage on a variety of social, political, and environmental issues in the Pacific Northwest region. 

Information→ Thought→ Conversation→ Action 

Sandy Robson:

Based in Northwest Washington, Sandy Robson is an investigative writer who covers social, political, and environmental issues happening in the Pacific Northwest region. 

Her scrutiny of policies, relationships, public processes, communications and public records has shed light on environmental issues such as the then-proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal in Whatcom County, Washington. That scrutiny also shed light on political issues such as Whatcom County’s 2014 general election, during which, significant political and environmental implications were at stake with the obscure Charter Review Commission up for election that year.

She has also brought attention to social issues with some of her reports, such as those that have spotlighted various entities’ anti-tribal treaty and anti-tribal sovereignty efforts.